NFL Armageddon

According The Harris Poll, pro football is still America’s favorite sport. NFL Armageddon isn’t expected to happen overnight, yet we are certainly beginning to witness frustration mounting from several fans. Petitions to boycott the NFL have been created on, and other Internet sites. is reporting that NFL ratings continue to crater, and the television networks are so worried they have stopped airing the National Anthem.

As a lifelong Colts fan, it’s painful to witness the NFL hemorrhaging fans. For decades, I have used the Colts (NFL) to escape politics, and real everyday life. We all need outlets in our lives to reboot, and the Colts and the NFL have provided that for me. Unfortunately, activists from every direction have successfully exploited every opportunity to weaken the NFL. These activists have effectively politicized the actions and decisions of the players, coaches, front office personnel, and owners.

Players are kneeling and disrespecting the National Anthem. Doctors and science have confirmed head trauma in nearly every examined player (pre and post-death). NFL men should be role models, but instead so many have off-the-field issues, including domestic violence and other violent crimes.

Too many teams are relocating, and turning on the fans who built the foundation for the NFL to be successful. The Chargers have moved to Los Angeles, and the Rams have also moved back. Now the Raiders are heading to Las Vegas. Teams that don’t move threaten to if tax payers don’t build billion-dollar stadiums.

People are burning their NFL gear, tickets, and merchandise. They’re walking away from the game, and realizing there’s more to life than sitting down at a stadium or watching on TV while adults get paid millions to play a child’s game. The NFL is not getting these fans back anytime soon, if ever! I have no good argument to stop them. In fact, I agree with them.

Truth is, the only reason I am not joining them is because I am weak. I don’t know what life would be like without football on Sundays. Hell, I am so emotionally invested that I named my son Colt. I am not sure where the tipping point is for me to walk away from the NFL, but I do feel it’s getting nearer rather than further away. It’s to the point that daily, I am thinking of ways to financially hurt the NFL through some means of scaling back my fan participation.

Due to recent decline in NFL ratings, sponsors are losing money, and TV stations are feeling the pressure to provide the sponsors a promised audience. Merchandise sales are also declining, and ticket revenue will likely be greatly impacted during the next sales cycle in 2018.

There are lots of people who need to get their heads out of their asses, because the NFL cannot survive without fans and talented players. A few weeks back I heard a youth football coach addressing his team, and he called his players a dying breed. Kids are not signing up in massive numbers to play football anymore. They’re playing much safer sports, and sports that do not desecrate the American flag.

The NFL is dying right in front of us. What do the brilliant players, coaches, and owners do to protect their livelihoods? They piss off most of the people who are directly or indirectly responsible for paying the salaries. If the NFL is bankrupt in the next 10 years, then it couldn’t have happened to a smarter and worthier group of ignoramuses.

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